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About me :

More than 20 years of experience and a lifetime spent in Cannes and its region have allowed me to develop extensive knowledge and to constantly enrich an address book of competent professional, available and serious partners…
I noticed by listening to what was going on around me that many of the daily needs and concerns were not met and solutions were not found solution without wasting time, energy and money.
So I decided to create "IDEAKATRE" the talent and know-how for everyone ...
My goal is to alleviate the stresses and vicissitudes of daily and professional life so that you can concentrate on your priorities.
IDEAKATRE is attentive to its customers, and has established a relationship of proximity and confidence allowing us to meet your expectations.
Whether you are a professional, a business or a private individual, our private concierge services are dedicated to you and we invite you to discover them ... Of course our list is not limited... so do not hesitate to ask us about any service that is not mentioned on our site.

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